Positivity: Feed the Wolf

Negativity is the greatest enemy in life.  I see myself as a positive person.  I tend to move away from negative conversations or the Negative Nancy type people.  Life is always going to knock you down but you must get back up.  

Today's post is feeding the positive wolf within you.  

Your attitude can put everyone else in a bad mood and ruin the whole day.  It's difficult to keep a skip in your step when everyone else is shuffling around with slumped shoulders and looks defeated.  I try and remember that when I'm around my teachers.  While I have my share of awful, grumpy days, I make a strong effort to be positive while at work.  (Well...I did have one moment yesterday where I lost my positivity...but I regained myself after a short rant.)

Be joyous.  Have peace.  Show love.  Be hopeful.  Speak with serenity.  Be humble.  Show kindness. Speak the truth.  Have compassion.   Simply Believe.

Today, enjoy the little things-a smile, a compliment or a pat-on-the-back.  If you are not a positive person by nature, the first step is awareness.  Recognize the negativity.  Or do you contribute to the negativity around you?  Are you listening to gossip or participating in conversations where the only focus is to denigrate or criticize?  Your words matter.  Everything you say has an impact.

It takes a strong person to walk a path different from the crowd.  It's your responsibility to become the kind of person you enjoy being and with whom others enjoy being around.

Feed the wolf you want to win today.  Do I hear an Amen?

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