Rainbow Comprehension for Young Students

This resource is just perfect for young students.  It is all teacher guided and includes non-fiction text passages.

I designed it for young students...Kindergarten-Second Grade to introduce how to find answers using Text Evidence. The questions are "right there" type questions. This means that students will not have to infer to determine the answer.

After the teacher reads the passage with the group, students will be guided to locate the answer using colored-pencils to answer the basic comprehension questions using color coding. This is what is referred to as Rainbow Comprehension.

Material needed- 4 color pencils (blue, green, yellow and red).

Simple graphic organizers are included to extend your small group lesson if needed.

Rainbow Comprehension Guided Comprehension for Young Students includes Non-Fiction stories:
1. Teacher instruction page (How to Use this Packet)
2. All about Bears
3. The Fox
4. All about Rabbits
5. Bluebirds
6. The Owl
7. Raccoon
8. All about Squirrels
9. Butterflies
10. The Hedgehog
11. Thanks and Credits

Also included: Graphic Organizers

I'm giving away Rainbow Comprehension Guided Comprehension for Young Students to a teacher today that is willing to use it in their room and give me feedback.  Please comment below if you want to be picked.  

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