Testing Reminders for Younger Students

 Are you in the middle of Fall benchmarking or just about to start?  We are and it is going well.  I created this Our Testing Reminders packet for younger students as a reminder of what to do before and during a test.

The day before a big test students have the opportunity to create their own book, My Test Reminders.  

This resource would be great to begin as early as First Grade.  Since my campus is 2nd-4th grade, we do give benchmarks in reading and math each semester.  In Texas, my third and fourth grade students take state tests called STAAR.  

Routines such as these prepare our students for these very important days.  

Student 10 page coloring book: My Testing Reminders
These pages are include all the teacher poster pages but in black and white.

To get a copy of Our Testing Reminders go here.

I would love to hear what you think.

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