Are you the GRUMP on campus or in your workplace?

A grump is defined as a cranky complaining person.  Do you constantly complain about just about everything?  Take a minute and think about the number of times you have complained lately in your workplace.  Now think about the good moments you lost and didn't allow yourself to enjoy because you were so negative.

The minutes and days spent being grumpy drains you from enjoying life, enjoying every precious minute with the people you work with, and from enjoying the students in your class.

Connect with the people around you.  Your students, co-workers, and family all deserve it.  Be a person others want to be around today.  Be involved in others lives.  Make changing your attitude a focus in your life.  Start today with a blessed attitude, a state of encouragement, and a thankful, appreciative heart.   Don't miss one single opportunity today.  

Being kind isn't always easy or convenient but it has the potential to change everything.  It can start today.  You are the only one that can change your attitude.  When you see someone without a smile, give them yours.

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