Fact Catchers (Cootie Catcher)- 4th Math

I remember in school making folded paper "cootie catchers."  Back in the day...many years ago, we made them with colors, numbers and questions.  I made a spin off of this.  I made them more academic and renamed the packet "Fact Catchers".

Students will love these! I promise! They are a motivating tool for a daily review of math skills. Once the Fact Catcher is made, students read and solve the problems; then they flip and reveal the correct answer. A recording sheet is provided. No PREP!


1. What is expanded form?
2. Expanded Form recording sheet
3. Comparing Fractions
4. Comparing Fractions recording sheet
5. Multiplication Madness
6. Multiplication recording sheet
7. What's my shape?
8. Shape recording shape
9. How would you measure me? mm, cm, m, km
10. Measurement recording sheet
11. Show me the Money
12. Money recording sheet
13. Place Value Practice
14. Place Value recording sheet
15. Perimeter Place
16. Perimeter recording sheet

Assembly Directions and Game Directions!

These will be great as a center activity and/or use in small group to reinforce the skill.

I hope you find these fun and exciting in your classroom! I was able to go in a classroom this week and the students did enjoy them. I will be making more as the year goes on. Enjoy and Have Fun!

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