Meet Taylor Downing and a Lesson on Fractions

Taylor Downing is a first year 3rd grade math teacher on my campus.  I had the opportunity to observe in her classroom on Monday while she taught a lesson on fractions.  

We use technology to the fullest on our campus.  Teachers have smart boards, iPads, projectors, document cameras, etc...  The picture you see below is a timer presentation that is running while students are in small groups and centers.

Ms. Downing worked with students on M&M fractions at her table.
Take a look again at the timer below.  Santa is appearing in the middle.  This lets students know how much time is remaining before they rotate to the next center.

Students completed fraction puzzles and used their math journals to record their answers.  An extension activity at the small group table was to complete the pizza fraction game.  Students took turns spinning a spinner and created a pizza.  The person that completed the pizza first was the winner.
Other groups logged into Renaissance Learning to practice math facts.  The program we use is Math in a Flash.  The red binder you see on the table stores all the math curriculum for the entire six weeks.  No more passing out worksheets.  We organize the entire six weeks in one binder.  Great organizational tool.
Santa appeared and Christmas music started playing.  Students gathered their items and moved to the next rotation.
I hope you enjoyed taking a look into Ms. Downing's third grade math class.

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