Rainbow Comprehension in Action!

Let's talk about comprehension strategies!  I love them...everything about them.  I guess it's because I love organization especially if it involves color coding something.  

It's never too early to start teaching students how to use strategies when reading.  Rainbow Comprehension is designed for young students.  This would be great to start with first graders.  Even if you need to read the passage to the group at least they can help find the answers.  The level of support is up to the students in your group.  

 Students in this class worked with the teacher to locate the answers. The small group of students gained valuable comprehension skills at the same time.  This was never designed to do totally independent.  Young students (first and second grade) need as much modeling as possible before giving it to them to do independently.
 Rainbow Comprehension helps students build a system of finding answers using text evidence while color coding a short passage.  All the questions are "right there."  This means questions are easily found in the text.

I created Rainbow Comprehension with black and white versions and colorful versions too.  You get both in one packet!  I figure we could all save some money on costly ink, right?

The only thing you need to do is have 4 crayons or colored pencils.  For longer lessons I have also included some great graphic organizers that would be beneficial to start using with your students.  

If you happen to purchase this, I would love to hear your feedback on how it went with your students.  If you send me pictures, I would be glad to share with all my blog friends.  

A special thanks to a fabulous teacher in Mt. Vernon ISD for sharing her pictures with me.  

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