Sunday Night Fun!

Sunday night Football with the Dallas Cowboys:
Well...the night started off great but if you watched the Dallas Cowboy game you know how it ended.  It was a 24-22 loss to the Eagles last night and I was there to watch it. We started off with dinner at the Saltgrass in Rockwall, Texas.  Then headed to AT&T Stadium.  It was a very cold walk from the car to the stadium.  We were very fortunate to have fabulous seats.  Here are a few of my pictures.

 Dinner at the Saltgrass

 Cool Ticket!

Hey, even though they didn't win, I had a blast.  

Here is the part that made me sick...the Cheerleaders.  Geez I felt fat looking at them.  I had just ordered some nachos at the game and finished them off during before they came out.  I immediately felt guilty for eating nachos as soon as the cheerleaders appeared on the big screen TV hanging in front of my face.  LOL
I think my resolution to get fit is even more prevalent right now.  I guess I owe them thanks for inspiring me.  I did tell my husband he wouldn't be allowed to go to the games anymore.  Just kiddin'...

The beautiful Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders

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