Accommodations for Students with Disabilities Flipbook

We are in full swing of the second semester which means testing and more testing.  With students that qualify for special education, dyslexia or Section 504, it can be difficult to keep up with all the accommodations available to these students.  This is how I got organized with all of the stacks of paper.  I created a flipbook.  Since there is so much to remember, I had to create two flipbooks.  

Please know that if you are interested in this Accommodations Flipbook it is specific for TEXAS and the state STAAR test.  
This is Flipbook 1 of Accommodations.  You can take a look at the picture and see what all it includes.  I color code it just because I like color!  

Inside view
Inside view

How I use it:  I use it during ARD meetings, Student Intervention meetings and Section 504 meetings to decide which accommodations are allowed and what documentation is needed to justify my decision.  

How I bind it:  I bind it back-to-back having one large flipbook.  This is so much easier than keeping up with two separate flipbooks.

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