Martin L King, Jr, Freebie

I have a freebie for you today!  It is my gift to you for the New Year!  My American Themed Rainbow Comprehension Pack is complete and I just added a Martin L King, Jr pages this morning.  The MLK is free for you to try in your class.

This packet is designed for young students...First-Third Grade to introduce how to find answers using Text Evidence. The questions are "right there" type questions. This means the students will not have to infer to determine the answer.

After reading the passage, students will be guided to locate the answer using color pencils, crayons or highlighters. This is color coding or rainbow comprehension.

Materials needed- 4 color pencils, markers or crayons (blue, green, yellow and red).

**** Great Real-life photographs of each topic***
This packet was created in color and black-and-white to save on ink.

All American Rainbow Comprehension pack includes:
The United States Flag
Flag Q&A Sheet
Pledge of Allegiance
Pledge Q&A Sheet
The Bald Eagle
Eagle Q&A Sheet
Abraham Lincoln
Lincoln Q&A Sheet
President Obama
Obama Q&A Sheet
Mount Rushmore
Rushmore Q&A Sheet
Liberty Bell
Bell Q&A Sheet
Statue of Liberty
Statue Q&A Sheet

Here is a glimpse into the complete set of American Rainbow Comprehension.

Here is the link over to the freebie for MLK.  If you download it, please give feedback.  I love hearing from you.  

If you like this set, you can download the entire set of American Theme Rainbow Comprehension pages or Woodland Animals set too.

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