More Comprehension Packets & Station Timer

I worked on completing my Farm Animals Rainbow Comprehension Packet.  It is complete and ready to go.  It includes real-life pictures of each animal and clipart images.  I think adding real pictures helps students comprehend better and help students that may not have background knowledge of the concept.  Click here to see it being used in second grade.

I also added two new station rotation timers.  They are both editable.  All you need to do is add your student's names in the space around the timer and hit play.  When it is time to rotate, music will play.

The inside changes to say "rotate."  

Here is the other station timer.  You can customize the station names to fit your classroom stations. These are just examples of what we use.

Check this out!  The center image starts to appear during the rotation.  This is a visual to students to how much time is remaining.  When the entire picture is filled, the music will begin playing and it will say Rotate.

Time to Rotate.
There are two timers available on TpT.  
This timer is five 15 minute rotations.
I also have a Chevron five 10 minute rotation timer.

Both timers are EDITABLE.  You can change the font and the station names.  Both can be used with any subject.  That is what makes both timers so great.  They are not content specific timers.  

While you are working on Rainbow Comprehension packets, these timers will keep the rest of the class organized in stations.  Easy Peasy.

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