STAAR Math Test Prep

Well if you have been following my journey this year, you know my focus this year is math.  The STAAR test is given in April each year.  I may not agree with state testing and you probably do not either.  However, we do not have a choice on whether we give the state mandated test or not.  Every teacher in Texas is struggling with this each year.  Many schools in Texas are under pressure to increase test scores.

If you are one of these teachers and need some extra STAAR math practice in your classroom, I have created this STAAR Math Review for Grade 3.

Suggestions on how to use the STAAR Math Task Cards:

1.  Small group instruction
2.  Task cards during centers or stations
3.  Around the Room-  This is played by taping up the cards around the room and students rotate through each card until they have answered each one.

STAAR Math Review-Grade 3 is a great review that gets the students moving and active during  math class.  Third grade is the first year for testing so it can be helpful to add a little extra review time before April.  

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