Station Timers are Back!

 Several months ago I blogged about some classroom observations I made and added a few pictures of the classroom stations.  The timer was a big hit and I had hundreds of request to purchase it.  Since it wasn't my creation, I asked the teacher if she wanted me to put it on my TpT store for a month and she agreed.  It was a big hit and still is so she opened her own store just to sell these timers.

The station timers are editable.  You can put students names around the edges of the circle just by inserting a text box.

 The center picture begins to appear throughout the time.  The timers come in 10 minute or 15 minute rotations. However, she can customize a timer just for your classroom needs and theme.

The center of the timer shows Rotate when students are to move to the next station.
Are you interested in a timer?  Here's the link:


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Ground Breaking

My school is going through a big transformation.  We just started a year long fabulous process to build a new wing on to our school.  We are so excited and looking forward to having new classrooms. 

Pictured above with me is Daniel Stuard, Assistant Principal
I love the gold shovels. 

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Teachers Pay Teachers Big Spring Sale!

Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) is 3 Million Teachers Strong!  That's pretty amazing.  I wish I was the creator of TpT and thought of this fabulous idea.  
More About the Sale:
TpT is throwing their HUGE site sale on Thursday, February 27th and Friday, February 28th!  I have my entire store marked down on Thursday and Friday, and TpT is offering an additional discount when you use the code TPT3.  

My store offers:
Test Prep
Spring Items!
Comprehension Packets
Head over to my store and load your cart.  Wait and check out on Thursday or Friday to get your discounts.

My cart is loading up and I'm getting ready to pay out on Thursday and Friday!


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STAAR Progress Student Graphs-Free Download

I have had a lot of requests for the STAAR Progress Student Graphs that I created.  We have been using them to have discussions with students about STAAR scale scores, raw scores and most of all what is a passing score

Here are a few pictures below that I took earlier this year.  We are looking at data and analyzing it to the fullest.  

Sorry this picture is a bit blurry.  I try and snap pictures without them knowing.  I guess I was being too quick for the camera.  

These are my teachers taking a released Math STAAR test.  
My reading and writing teachers did not enjoy taking this test as much as my math teachers.  LOL

Students use these charts and highlight their benchmark scores or they can highlight their scale score from their previous school year.  

If you want to download the charts you see above, just click my dropbox link below.  Keep in mind I only have 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade on my campus so if you are looking for any other charts, I do not have them.  
Hope you have enjoyed a glimpse into my data charts.


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Interactive and Engaging Math

How do you keep students engaged and active during math lessons?  I was inspired this morning after reading Reagan Tunstall's blog post about Guided Math.  Math lends itself beautifully to be hands-on.  Keeping students engaged and providing activities that involve students to move around the room makes math class successful.  A successful math class equals successful students on math scores.

Here are some products that I offer that get students moving around the room.  Feel free to link up your products or your blog to showcase your ideas.

STAAR Task Cards 

It's a Spring Fling- Download

Link up your math products here:


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I Got Schooled

Ever heard of M. Knight Shyamalan?  He is the screenwriter, director and producer of The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, The Village (my favorite) and The Happening.  He is now an author of I Got Schooled: The Unlikely Story of How a Moonlighting Movie Maker Learned the Five Keys to Closing America's Education Gap

I just started reading the book and I can't begin to tell you how wonderful it is.  The book just doesn't describe the problems of today's public schools, but provides a remedy to help them.

There are five keys to closing America's achievement gap.  I won't spoil it for you by telling you them.  Shyamalan says, "I believe that every person on the planet is born with an unknowably great potential for knowledge, growth, and success, and that we are all responsible for helping turn that potential into actuality."


  • A study by the Annie E. Casey Foundation found that 3rd graders who live in poverty (that's a fifth of the entire country) and read below grade level are 3 times as likely to drop out as students whose families have never fallen below the poverty line.
  • The National Center for Education Statistics estimates that only 68 percent of 12th graders in what they defined as high poverty schools ever graduate.
If you purchase this book, the proceeds go to help Shyamalan's foundation. His foundation is dedicated to supporting remarkable leaders working to remove the barriers created by poverty. They focus their efforts on improving education throughout the United States.
To read more about this book, click the link below:

 I will keep you updated as I get deeper into the book but I am super excited about what I have read so far.  

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TEPSA Rocks!

TEPSA Rocks! TEPSA stands for Texas Elementary Principal and Supervisors Association.  I'm a member of TEPSA and have been for many years.  There are great benefits of joining, including, legal protection for school leaders.  Today, I went to a meeting and won this iPad Air as a door prize!  Talk about super excited...I love it.

I also got nominated and voted in as TEPSA Treasurer for my region.  I didn't see that coming at all.  Hope I can keep up with all the responsibilities that the position requires.

To learn more about TEPSA and becoming a member. Click here.


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It's a Spring Fling- Freebie

If you are as sick of the winter months as I am, you will enjoy just the simple satisfaction of downloading this Spring Freebie!

This is a sneak peek into the entire set of Kindergarten Literacy and Math Resources that will be coming soon.  Stop by and download It's a Spring Fling today.  As soon as the rest of the packet is complete it will no longer be a freebie.

I hope you are enjoying this Monday holiday.  We do not have school today and the weather is going to be great in East Texas.  It may reach 70 degrees today!

Freebie (Sneak Peek)

Math-True or False (Basic Addition and Subtraction Facts)


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School is like...

Life is like a roller coaster.  Some times you close your eyes and hold on in shear terror and other times, you just have to raise your hands up in the air and enjoy the ride.

School can be the same way.  Know what you want.  Have a vision.  Work toward that goal. It may turn out bigger and better than you ever imagined.


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Data Days at School

I have been dubbed Data Queen and A Data Evangelist by some people.  
As a principal, I'm always looking at data and having data meetings.  Each month, we review any data that was assessed during the month.   Teachers come in my office and we sit down and have quick reviews of each student.  Students that are in intervention are closely monitored for progress. Students not making sufficient progress are discussed thoroughly.  Students not in intervention and not making gains in the classroom are added to intervention.  Each student in intervention has specific goals set for them.  If the student does not make the goal, they cannot exit intervention.  When a student does exit, we monitor them for several weeks to make sure they do not fall behind.  
Right now we are having discussions with each fourth grade student.  Students in Texas must make progress in Index 2 in the State Accountability System.  Students are given their 3rd grade scores and showed how much progress they need to make this school year.  These images are a look at fourth grade math.  

Students graph their own data.  This allows them to be more involved in the process.  They understand what the goal is and what they need to do to make it.  Schools that do not have students making progress in Index 2 in Texas are considered failing schools and labeled Improvement Required.
Having data meetings and individual meetings with students helps students and teachers track progress.  Research has shown that when students track their own data, their gains are even higher.  Students that track their own learning is a 21st century skill that students need.  It teaches them responsibility for themselves and gives them confidence in their learning.
Not only are students tracking their data...this is true for teachers.  
Teachers use data to change their instruction.
Teachers use data to improve learning.
Teachers use data to learn strengths and weaknesses.

Data should always be meaningful, useful and presented in a way that is easy to understand.  Successful schools use data often.  How do you use data in your school?


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Five for Friday

Hey guys, I'm joining up with Doodlebugs today.  However, I do not have Five for Friday.  I only have three.  
We could all use a little "pick me up" every once in awhile.

A comment left on my TpT store that is greatly appreciated.  If you have a store on TpT or you pour you energy out making things for your classroom, it helps to know others love it.  I absolutely love feedback on Facebook, this Blog or my TpT store.  

Ashley Hughes is amazing! She hit a TpT milestone and is celebrating by giving us free stuff.  She is posting 14 accent sets on her store.  This will go on for 14 days.  That's 14 sets of free materials.  How awesome is that?

This week has been a bit busy and all I have to share is 3 things.  Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy some quiet time.


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