Advanced Classes in Elementary School...Yes!

Yes, you read that right.  I created advanced placement classes this year at my school!  This is not to be mistaken for Gifted and Talented classes.  I still have my Gifted and Talented Classes too.  The AP classes are designed for students who are high achieving in reading and/or math.  My goal is to help these students excel or reach commended performance or "level 3" on the state assessment at the end of the year.  Also another goal is for these students to be taught to think critically, analyze text and apply new skills.  Fourth grade students that attend these classes were selected by data and teacher recommendation.  The class meets daily for 30 minutes each day.  Parents received letters before Christmas to explain the program.  Every parent and every student enrolled accepted the challenge!

Take a look at fourth grade advanced placement classes:
Reading Advanced Placement
Advanced Reading is taught by Angie Criss.  Mrs. Criss is a fourth grade teacher on my campus who just so happens to have an Intern.  Since she has an intern, it helps to pull Mrs. Criss from her classroom to teach this class.

Using strategies to analyze text.

A completed passage:  
B= Beginning of the passage
M= Middle of passage
E= End of the passage

Several of the strategies that we use on our campus come from Marcia Tate.  In the book Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites: 20 Instructional Strategies That Engage the Brain , she gives 20 instructional strategies that engage the brain.

Advanced Placement Math

Our advanced placement math classes are taught by Coach Adam Smith.  Coach Smith is our physical education teacher who just so happens to be an excellent math teacher.  The students love getting extra math time with Coach Smith.  

Students are calculating the area of the shaded square.

Both the Advanced Reading and Math classes are provided to extend and enrich the regular classroom.  The teachers are working together to find and nurture the advanced potential of the young fourth grade learners.  These classes provide an educational setting that raises personal expectations and prepares the students for more challenging and rigorous courses as they advance in grade level.

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  2. Omg my child is going into a advanced class and I'm am so proud of her


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