I Got Schooled

Ever heard of M. Knight Shyamalan?  He is the screenwriter, director and producer of The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, The Village (my favorite) and The Happening.  He is now an author of I Got Schooled: The Unlikely Story of How a Moonlighting Movie Maker Learned the Five Keys to Closing America's Education Gap

I just started reading the book and I can't begin to tell you how wonderful it is.  The book just doesn't describe the problems of today's public schools, but provides a remedy to help them.

There are five keys to closing America's achievement gap.  I won't spoil it for you by telling you them.  Shyamalan says, "I believe that every person on the planet is born with an unknowably great potential for knowledge, growth, and success, and that we are all responsible for helping turn that potential into actuality."


  • A study by the Annie E. Casey Foundation found that 3rd graders who live in poverty (that's a fifth of the entire country) and read below grade level are 3 times as likely to drop out as students whose families have never fallen below the poverty line.
  • The National Center for Education Statistics estimates that only 68 percent of 12th graders in what they defined as high poverty schools ever graduate.
If you purchase this book, the proceeds go to help Shyamalan's foundation. His foundation is dedicated to supporting remarkable leaders working to remove the barriers created by poverty. They focus their efforts on improving education throughout the United States.
To read more about this book, click the link below:

 I will keep you updated as I get deeper into the book but I am super excited about what I have read so far.  

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