Math in Music

Incorporating math through music provides students with opportunities to strengthen basic math skills.  Allowing students to use movement and lyrics ensures that the entire mind and body are learning. makes learning fun.  When I was growing up, School House Rock was big.  I can still sing the songs and I bet you know them too.  Below you will see Will Smith using music to learn the periodic table of elements.  

I believe math skills can be taught through music.  Studies have been done to prove that teaching students math skills using music and songs improves math scores by about 50 percent.  I still believe in the traditional math class but we should incorporate chants, songs and raps to allow other styles of learning too.  

 Here are a few resources that we have purchased on our campus.  I purchased a big set of math posters from  The students will learn each of these songs in our music class each week.  Posters are in full color and printed on 11x17 semigloss.  They are great for grades 1-6.
Another big benefit of using music in math class is that music and movement can energize the class and help students focus.  Research shows that the brain is more stimulated and increases the amounts of information that is retained and recalled.  Music also helps by providing students with strategies to increase their memory and improve their math skills.
There are so many posters to choose from at  Here are just a few:
Adding Parts- Tune of Gilligan's Island
Subtraction-Wheels on the Bus
Division-My Bologna Has a First Name
Let's Divide- Skip to My Lou
Fractions- My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean

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