More Rainbow Comprehension Coming- Spaced Out

Today begins Spring Break but I have a big to-do list and one is to finish a requested Rainbow Comprehension packet on the Solar System.  This non-fiction set will be great for end of year first graders and current second graders.  Here is a sneak peak at my Spaced Out Rainbow Comprehension Set.

 Spaced Out Rainbow Comprehension will be available in the next week.  It is packed with interesting facts about each planet, vocabulary and comprehension questions.  Just like all my other Rainbow Comprehension Packets this one has questions that are "right there."  Students use colored pencils or crayons and locate answers in the text.  Space to write the answer is also included.  These strategies are beginning stages of learning how to analyze text for important information.
 Unique to my packets are the real life pictures.  I do not just use clipart.  I feel students need real images of each planet instead of just clipart.
 Tons of vocabulary cards will be included for your instructional use.  I recommend reviewing the words each day prior to the lesson.  This builds comprehension but also helps with fluency.

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