Rainbow Comprehension Strategies for Young Students

Rainbow comprehension strategies are designed to help students look for specific answers in the passage.  This is known as using textual evidence to find the answers.  We have been using this strategy for several years.  Adding specific colors to locate the answers helps students comprehend the text and makes it a bit more fun.  They now had a purpose for reading.

What I love so much about the Rainbow Comprehension Strategy is that it works with the young students.  Students as young as First and Second grade can be taught to locate answers in the text and read for meaning.

Since the text is non-fiction and it lends itself as more difficult to read, we spend our time reading the passage with the students that struggle with fluency.  We are trying to build comprehension during this time.  Fluency is something that can be covered with a text that is on the student's reading level at a different time.

Students not only find the answers with my Rainbow Comprehension sets but they also have to write their answers.

Locating the Answer & Color Coding the Text

Purposeful Reading

Your comprehension scores will definitely increase if you develop to "ATTACK" a reading passage.

A glimpse at all my themes:


 If you are interested in learning more about this strategy, let me know by leaving a comment below.  What strategies do you have at your school that are successful in raising comprehension skills in your students.  To download the resources, head over to Teachers Pay Teachers.  If you are just in love with the packets, I do have a bundle set that will get you started.  It will save you money and give you 92 pages of comprehension passages.


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