Reading Comprehension Strategies in First Grade- It Works!

Teaching students how to read for meaning is definitely the number one key to improving comprehension skills.  However, starting this process in first grade will definitely have students excelling in all academic areas.  This is a glimpse into a first grade classroom with LeaAnn Brown. Mrs. Brown teaches in my hometown but not on my campus. She sent me pictures of her students using Rainbow Comprehension during small group.  I asked her how she liked it and she said, "I love it!"

Rainbow Comprehension

 Mrs. Brown is using the All American Theme in her classroom this week.  My All American Theme is non-fiction and it uses real life pictures.  I feel clipart is good but real images will help students gain a better understanding of the information.
Rainbow Comprehension
Check out the vocabulary found in the set.  This set is great for building vocabulary skills with your students.  Every story has at least one vocabulary word and 4 to 5 comprehension questions.

 If unsure about your first graders, this goes to show you that it can be done.  I have had so many teachers tell me they love it and can't wait for my next theme.  On my campus, I have had several come to my door and say do you have another set yet.  I love it!  Once your students get the hang of the strategy, they will feel more comfortable trying it for themselves and being more independent.
 This is all designed to be guided practice with your students.  This is especially true in first and second grade.  Teaching students this type of reading strategy will definitely boost comprehension scores but will also teach students to refer back in the text to locate the answers.  It takes practice and more practice to build this strategy.

If you are interested in starting this strategy with your students, check out my other themes here.
Directions are included in each set.  Just print and go!

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