Second Grade Literacy Centers

Literacy stations in second grade are no problem for Lindsey Spearman.  She is a first year teacher and has a great grasp on how to keep students engaged in learning.  She works to provide stations that meet the goals and objectives of our campus.  Students rotate around the room completing spelling activities, independent reading, vocabulary activities and, each student met with the teacher for a lesson on reading comprehension.

Meet Lindsey Spearman:

Comprehension with the Teacher:
Students met with the teacher to complete Rainbow Comprehension Strategies.  This lesson used the Life of a Duck from the Farm Animal Rainbow Comprehension Packet.

Other Centers:

Every task that students complete in stations/centers is a reinforcement of what was taught in whole group.  Teachers do not put skills in the centers if they have not introduced it.

All materials are organized in tubs on the tables.  All items that the students need are included in these tubs.  This helps with the flow of the center and helps students complete the task in time to rotate to the next station.
Students rotate around the room with the help of the electronic timer that is used in many classrooms on my campus.  If you have been following this blog, you have seen different theme timers.  They can be custom made for you here.

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