The Power of Data and Teambuilding

This Monday was staff development and I had some great trainings.  Our data trainings began when teachers received their data and had to analyze it.  They were asked to locate 5 questions on the benchmark that students struggled with the most.  Each teacher then used the board to explain how they teach that question the classroom.  The Power of Data is so important.  So much can be learned by taking the time to analyze and problem solve.  

In the era of accountability, data has gotten a bad rap.  Many educators see data as a "got you" rather than a "flashlight."  It is about shining the light on what's working and the campus tailoring the instruction so that every child can live up to his or her fullest potential.
 We found that the teachers were teaching all concepts correctly but everyone had different strategies that they used during instruction.  If teachers had a better way of teaching it, then we all made a plan to teach that TEK or skill the same campus wide.  We will begin building a Best Practices for Strategies Guidebook for next school year. 
 Team Building Fun!  I loved it and so did they.  We played Human Skis.  This was so much fun.  Right beside me on the floor are two strips of duct tape.  The sticky side is up.  Each team had to stand on the duct tape and walk to the other side of the room.  The team that made it to the other side won the game. 
 Before they started...they strategized.  Oh yes, we don't play with out a strategy plan. 
 Feet are now sticking to the tape and they are just waiting on the GO from me. 
 I have not laughed so hard in a long time.  This group could not move.  Literally they were at a stand still.  They were holding on for dear life and trying not to fall.

The purpose of Human Skis- We are all on the same team at our campus.  We are trying to make it to the same location at the end of the school year.  If we all want to make it, we have to work together.  Everyone going in different directions will cause the team to fall.  So let's stick together.  If you know you are strong in a skill, help the teacher that needs strengthening.  If you are weak in teaching a concept, ask another teacher to help.  We are all on the same team. 
Here is a look back at teachers teaching the questions.  I love watching my teachers teach.  They all have different characteristics and personalities.  Their teaching styles are all different but their expectations are all the same.  We are preparing like warriors and will perform like champions.  Bring on state tests!

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