Teacher Binder- One Fine Day Theme

My 2014-15 Teacher Binder is now available.  I was contacted by one of my sweet followers to see when I was going to get the 2014-15 binder ready.  She loved the One Fine Day Theme I created last year and was ready to get it printed for the next school year.  

 There are over 50 pages to the binder.  It includes many cover pages, calendars and meeting note forms.


Meeting Notes

I love the clipart included in the One Fine Day Theme.  I found them from Misstina.com on Etsy.  

Are you ready to purchase your Teacher Binder?


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Are you a Builder or a Bulldozer?

Do you build your teammates up or plow them down?  Are you a builder or a bulldozer?

A builder- someone who supports, listens, encourages and shares.  You have genuine concern for the team.  A builder helps the team grow strong.  We live in an era of collaboration.  We work "with" people.  We work in teams and on teams.  No matter which team members you have on your team on any given day, you have to make that group into a cohesive all-on-the-same-page-team.  If you are a teacher who stays to yourself with your door closed all day, let me remind you of the obvious.  For a team to "gel" or come together, you need to spend time together.  You need to bond and become one.

A bulldozer-someone who doesn't pull their weight, unwilling to share, full of blame and excuses, pessimistic and negative and lacks sensitivity.  A bulldozer has the ability to flatten the school's mission.  A bulldozer's behavior has a profound effect on the team.  The team begins to argue and fight and not share or communicate.  The other team members begin to take on your characteristics. The school has more isolated teachers and less collaboration.  Are you quick to criticize?  It's either your way or no way.  You point out flaws in others and constantly engaged in gossip.

Schools are built on teamwork and camaraderie.  Teachers should help other teachers.  Students should help other students.  Everyone helps everyone.  

"The only guy who isn't rowing has time to rock the boat."  
Rowing is a team sport.  If everyone isn't in sync, and trying to go the same destination, life in the boat will be very rough.  


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Celebrating with Mrs. Plemons

I'm linking up with Jessica Plemons today.  Jessica is celebrating her 30th birthday with all her blog friends and having a big giveaway.  I'm helping celebrate with her via the wonderful wide world web!  I've donated items for the giveaway along with many other bloggers.

Click picture to head over to the giveaway!

There are 3 bundles: Two ELA and one "Math and More."  The ELA bundles have 14 products and a winners choice from Jessica's store and one other store.  The Math bundle has 19 products and a winners choice from one of her stores and one from another store.  

Seriously...this is too good to pass up.  

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Five for Friday: Rock Star Style

Rock Star day at school was so much fun.  My Assistant Principal...aka...Vanilla Ice is in the picture with me (Elvis).  The pictures below are just a few that were taken today and either emailed to me or I found on Facebook.  We had an assembly in the gym and it gave everyone a chance to show off their costumes and rock out to some oldies.  Enjoy and have a wonderful Easter.  See you in a few days.

Do you have principals that love to have fun?
Principal's Rockin' The School

Who did you like best?

 My Teachers Pay Teachers Store is in the TOP 100!  I am number 65!  This is a wonderful surprise and accomplishment.  I am so very proud.

STAAR Math-Rock the STAAR Test Jeopardy Game is in the TOP 100!  It is number 96!

I am being recognized as a National Distinguished Principal Finalist.  I am in the Top 10 Principals in Texas!  This is the highest praise a principal can receive from my peers in my professional.  If I win NDP, I will represent Texas in Washington, D.C. and be recognized in Austin at the TEPSA conference.  

All praise and honor go to Jesus, my family and my wonderful staff!  I love each and everyone of them to the fullest.


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We are Rockin' the Test!

We are Rockin' the STAAR and having activities each day.  Students are walking around the school completing the STAAR Review Task Cards.  They loved getting out of the classroom and being in the office and halls answering questions.  

STAAR Task cards were taped on lockers, doors and walls throughout the building.  The fourth graders worked together in groups to solve the problems and then went back to the classroom for a quick check of the answers.

 Third grade is gearing up for the Reading and Math STAAR next week.  They completed their essays and hung them up in the halls.  The essays were "How to Be a Rock STAAR."

 I had several students beg me to take pictures of their writing.  They were all so good so it was hard to choose.  They see me snapping pictures all the time and always ready for a pose or to point out their work hanging on the walls.

I hope you enjoyed the glimpse into my school.  Today is a big day.  We are having Dress Like a Rock Star!  I have a wonderful costume ready and can't wait to show you.


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Wordless Wednesday

Hosted by Miss Decarbo at Sugar and Spice
I have a new tech gadget.  This Garmin Fitness Band is wonderful.  It tells me how many steps I take, my goal for the day, and miles walked.  Oops, sorry it's Wordless Wednesday.

What do you use to improve your health?

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A Giveaway from Creative Teaching Supplies

Alex, my Australia friend and blogger from Creative Teaching Supplies is having a giveaway.  She is celebrating having 200 TpT followers.  I donated a product for the giveaway.  She has 50 products up for grabs.  Head over to Creative Teaching Supplies and enter the contest today.  What's fabulous about this giveaway is all the products are divided up into K-2 or 3-5.  Alex is also giving away a TpT gift voucher...Yeah.


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Cadbury Egg-cellent Thank You Cards

Are you looking for a way to say thank you to some of your wonderful friends, co-workers, boss, teachers or students?  This is a great way to let them know you care.  I'm in the process of making these for my campus leaders.  There is no way that I can ever repay them for all they do for me each day...but this shows I'm thinking of them.  I plan on doing a little something for everyone but this is all I have right now.  

  I used tape to held the Cadbury Caramel Egg to the cardstock.

I recommend buying the four pack caramel eggs.  It is a lot cheaper than buying individual eggs.

Download these for friends, co-workers, teachers, a boss, a nurse and your students.  
You can download the Cadbury Egg-cellent Freebie here.


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Bright Ideas- Colorful Inspiration

I'm linking up today to share a bright idea using Hope King's Desire to Inspire Quotes.  Add a little color and inspiration to your school.

I am so excited about my new Teachers Pay Teachers purchase today.  I love Hope King.  She has such wonderful ideas and products available.  I read her blog- Second Grade Shenanigans all the time.

I was wanting something to make our school's conference room more colorful and welcoming.  Hope's Desire to Inspire Subway Art was just the right choice.  I had been wanting it for a long time so today was the day.  Look what I created with it.

I took two old windows and added a quote to each section.  I love it and it turned out better than I expected.  If you want to see how Hope uses these in her classroom, check out her blog post here.

Maybe Hope will read my tiny blog one day and be so happy to see her hard work in action.

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Five for Friday

Happy Friday!  It has been several weeks since I linked up with Doodlebugs for Five for Friday.

If you have been following, my school is under construction.  This is the construction site by the cafeteria.  The cafeteria is being expanded.  I have almost 600 students on my Grade 2-4 campus.  The campus beside me (grades 5-6) has about 400 students.  This cafeteria feeds 1000 students a day.  It was definitely time to expand.

My halls were recently decorated for spring and end of the year.  I love this time of the year.

 STAAR Testing is just days away.  STAAR is our accountability measure for Texas.  It is very rigorous.  We are ready for it and ready for results.  It has been a very tough year.  I am blessed with wonderful teachers that love their job.  We have this and ready to Rock It!

I made this banana bread crumb cake.  Oh My!  It was delicious.  I found it on Cookies and Cups.  It is really easy to make and very delicious. 

I only have four things to share this week.  I hope all of you have a wonderful week.  If you love this blog, take a minute and comment below or follow me.  


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