Are you a Builder or a Bulldozer?

Do you build your teammates up or plow them down?  Are you a builder or a bulldozer?

A builder- someone who supports, listens, encourages and shares.  You have genuine concern for the team.  A builder helps the team grow strong.  We live in an era of collaboration.  We work "with" people.  We work in teams and on teams.  No matter which team members you have on your team on any given day, you have to make that group into a cohesive all-on-the-same-page-team.  If you are a teacher who stays to yourself with your door closed all day, let me remind you of the obvious.  For a team to "gel" or come together, you need to spend time together.  You need to bond and become one.

A bulldozer-someone who doesn't pull their weight, unwilling to share, full of blame and excuses, pessimistic and negative and lacks sensitivity.  A bulldozer has the ability to flatten the school's mission.  A bulldozer's behavior has a profound effect on the team.  The team begins to argue and fight and not share or communicate.  The other team members begin to take on your characteristics. The school has more isolated teachers and less collaboration.  Are you quick to criticize?  It's either your way or no way.  You point out flaws in others and constantly engaged in gossip.

Schools are built on teamwork and camaraderie.  Teachers should help other teachers.  Students should help other students.  Everyone helps everyone.  

"The only guy who isn't rowing has time to rock the boat."  
Rowing is a team sport.  If everyone isn't in sync, and trying to go the same destination, life in the boat will be very rough.  

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