Helping Henry

30 Teachers have joined together and donated well over $100 worth of teaching products for this fundraiser! You can have all of these for your $20 donation to Help Henry! Your donation will go to help Henry’s family pay for the numerous plasma transfusions required to help little Henry get well.

A little about Henry: Within 48 hours after receiving a vaccination at his 15 month check up, Henry developed cerebellar ataxia, absence seizures and signs of possible brain damage. He has been in out out of the hospital and will go back again for plasma transfusions. His Aunt set up a facebook page with blood drive information... Please visit Healing for Henry for more info. Thank you for your love, support and prayers for our sweet little man.

I'm one of the 30 that donated an item for the fundraiser. Susan from Friendly Froggies has done a lot of the leg work getting everyone ready for this big event.

If you find it in your heart to help Henry, here is the link to the wonderful bundle of goodies.

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