Texas Our Texas Unit for Young Students

I just added my 6th comprehension packet to my store on Teachers Pay Teachers.  The new theme is Texas Our Texas.  Great for young students and social studies.  

A little about Rainbow Comprehension if you haven't been following:
Students are guided to use context clues and text evidence to locate the answers in the passage.  The students use map pencils, crayons or markers to highlight their answer.  Locating and Coloring each answer in the passage is known as Rainbow Comprehension.

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For younger students just learning to read, the teacher reads the passage.  We are building comprehension not fluency with the students.  If your students can read it, by all means I highly recommend that they read it.  
The students locate the answer to the question using the specific color pencil, crayon or marker.  For example, question one they will color that answer blue.  

Not only do students have to locate and color the answer but they also need to write the answer.  This gives students more practice with sentence building.

Each story builds comprehension and vocabulary.  This particular unit is a Social Studies theme.  I do have several science themes too.

Texas Our Texas comes with vocabulary cards or posters for instruction.

The Rainbow Comprehension Packets are a big seller on TpT so I went and bundled the entire 6 themes for you.  This saves you time and money.  You can download The Big Rainbow Comprehension Bundle here.

If you are from Texas and you teach young students, do you want to try my Texas Our Texas unit  out with your students?

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