We are Rockin' the Test!

We are Rockin' the STAAR and having activities each day.  Students are walking around the school completing the STAAR Review Task Cards.  They loved getting out of the classroom and being in the office and halls answering questions.  

STAAR Task cards were taped on lockers, doors and walls throughout the building.  The fourth graders worked together in groups to solve the problems and then went back to the classroom for a quick check of the answers.

 Third grade is gearing up for the Reading and Math STAAR next week.  They completed their essays and hung them up in the halls.  The essays were "How to Be a Rock STAAR."

 I had several students beg me to take pictures of their writing.  They were all so good so it was hard to choose.  They see me snapping pictures all the time and always ready for a pose or to point out their work hanging on the walls.

I hope you enjoyed the glimpse into my school.  Today is a big day.  We are having Dress Like a Rock Star!  I have a wonderful costume ready and can't wait to show you.

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