I'm Trained...How About You?

For the last two days, I have attended training from the ALICE Training Institute.  
This training is highly recommended for all school personnel, hospitals, churches or businesses.  In the terrible event that an active shooter makes his or her way into your school or business, there are steps that can be taken as an effort to survive the attack.  On day two, we performed simulations and experienced real life examples of what to do during the event.  

Alice is NOT sequential nor is it meant to be a checklist of things to do.  It is a list of options that can be used to stay safe.  As the situation develops, it is possible that students and staff will need to use more than one option such as a lockdown. 

All the simulations happened in an actual school.  The students at this school have been through these drills this year because their administrators attended the training.  They were having some fun outside while we took over their school.  A few weeks ago my other fellow administrators attended this training so it was now my time to go.  You have the option to be an observer during the simulations or to actively participate.  Well...I participated but was extremely nervous.  The participants in my class were not school administrators...they were all lawmen!  (Texas State Troopers, Police Department, etc...) So I knew these guys could shoot.  Yes, I said shoot.  One person role played being an active shooter.
The active shooter was given an airsoft gun.  Every time he fired a shot an airhorn was sounded so we knew where in the building the active shooter was so this allowed us to decide what to do.  I know this all sounds scary and it was but we need to be prepared.  

I was in very good hands with all of these guys.  They protected me like I was the President of the United States.  They guarded me and helped me exit the building and get away.  

While waiting, they were all making a plan on what to do.

ALICE stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate.  To learn more about the training, please go to their website.  Our school is taking more steps on providing more training for our teachers and students.  Please understand before we experienced any of these drills we have been through extensive training.  Students are not exposed to any of the simulations.  The drills conducted at your school are not to scare your students.  They offer age appropriate training for all ages of students.  

I know no one wants to even think about the idea of someone coming into our school and harming our children.  I totally agree.  By training as many people as possible and implementing drills, we can become better prepared in the event of any situation.

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