Staying Organized this Week...Oh How I Need It!

I'm so tired of coming home and not knowing what I'm going to cook or going to the store and buying all kinds of stuff and making a plan afterwards.  I made a menu for many years when I had young kids at home but over time I have found myself getting more and more away from it.  The days of throwing something in the crockpot at 6 in the morning or coming in at five and standing at the pantry are OVER!  This week is planned!

I do like to cook and I like to try new things or recreate something in a different way.  I do this on Sundays most of the time.   Monday is an easy night of Tacos because I have a school board meeting.

At the end of the week, I will let you know if I kept to the schedule or threw it all out the window.  I really want this to work so I can get back on my exercise schedule.

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