Build a Binder

I've been sharing a lot lately how I've created teacher binders and principal binders.  Today I'm sharing how we can help students be more organized in the classroom.  Students could keep one binder for all subjects.  The newest product Binder Covers for Academic Subjects is now available. These divider pages help students keep all important papers organized and at their fingertips.  

The best thing about Binder Covers for Academic Subjects is that it is created with boys and girls in mind.

Let's stop wasting valuable instructional time passing out papers, digging in desks, etc...  Build a binder for the students that last the grading period.  My teachers build the binder for the six weeks.  The papers are copied for the entire six weeks and then added to each section of the student binders.  Another great thing about this organizational tool is that every student has the same binder and set-up.  No matter what teacher...we all are doing the same thing in each classroom.  This helps with vertical alignment and sharing teaching strategies.  

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