Getting Ready for 2014-15 School Year

While in Target (my favorite store), I found a few fabulous binders to go with my Principal binder!  The turquoise and gold matches it perfectly.  I can't wait to fill up the binders with all my calendars and get started planning for 2014-15.  

My new shirt arrived today.  If you are from Texas, you know we are not a Common Core state. We follow the TEKS.  Well, our lovely state decided to change the Math TEKS this year.  Did you know that some of the 7th grade math TEKS are now 4th grade TEKS?  That's right, crazy.  I'm trying to Keep Calm while trying to understand the reasons behind such a drastic change all awhile trying to learn the new standards.

I'm mentoring a few new principals through the marvelous internet.  I created a free e-book What Every First Year Principal Should Know to help a few blog friends out.  Last week, it was downloaded 180 times!  I have received so many emails about it and enjoyed reading all the fabulous comments last week.  

I have spent the last two days assembling 50 Teacher Binders for this coming school year!  I'm not even near finished but at least I have a big start on them.  It's been a very productive week.

Funny story:  I had an interview this week with an applicant who's interested in one of my teaching positions this year.  She walked in my office (AKA...command central) as I'm assembling the binders.  Just imagine all of the binders, copies, whole punch machine, etc... all over the room.  She stood there in pure amazement at all of the "stuff" all over the floor.  She said, "I want one of them ...your teachers are so lucky."

I love hearing comments like that and it made me feel so good.  I do love my teachers and that's why I work so hard.

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