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I redesigned a wall in the front entrance of the school.  This wall is super important because this is where I display the students who are on the Principal's Wall of Fame.  Every student wants their picture on this wall.  I actually had to touch the paint up because of all the staples all over it.  I had hundreds of pictures hanging on this wall by the end of the year.
 Principal's Wall of Fame- students who read an entire series of books from the library.  For example, a student reads the entire set of Clifford books or the entire set of Junie B. Jones has their picture taken and put on the wall.
 Millionaire's Club- A student who read a million words this year also had their picture taken.  I had one student who read 3 million words and had almost 500 points this year!
If you want to download the READ letters, here is the link.  It's free.  The frames were purchased at a local Wal-Mart and were under $10 each.

Background designs from: Erin Cobb- Lovin Lit
Font: KG Happy

The reason I push reading so much is because of these statistics.  

If you like reading Principal Principles, take a minute and follow along here:

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