Restocked and Ready to Go!

This school year is not over yet but I am getting a head start on creating my teachers a new binder. My summer is going to be extra busy with a son getting married so I thought I should start now on my long to-do list.  The new design and look for this Teacher Binder is...BRIGHT.  I love all the bright colors of the design so I named it simply-"Bright"!  

I have had several emails from teachers saying they love this new binder!  The bright green notebooks look great with them.  Last year I made a big mistake and only ordered 1 inch binders.  Lesson learned...we need much bigger binders for the year.  We love having the information all in one binder so it is all at our fingertips.  Also, a big plus of using a binder is we can add all of our data as the year goes.

If you need a teacher binder, I think it is well worth $4!  

How do you keep organized?

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