Feeling Excited

I'm feeling a little excited about this new school year.  Things are falling into place.  I have a great staff and we are working hard each day preparing for a fabulous new year.  Today, I read Melissa Kartsimas' blog Reflections from an Elementary Principal.  I have to say...I loved it.   I went to work inspired and ready to tackle the last few days before I leave on vacation.  

I joined Twitter and Instagram recently.  As far as Twitter, recently means like yesterday.  Instagram just a two week experience with it.  I'm loving them.  Yesterday, I was welcomed by some amazing educators on Twitter.  They connected with this newbie right away and helped me figure it all out.  I'm super excited to have a connection with so many principals around the world.  If you want to follow me on Twitter, here's the link or Instagram is here.

The district's warehouse is full of new math and science materials.  Well, you know what good principals do?  We go together and sort them all out.  We lifted, sorted and counted the contents of 500 boxes or so it seemed liked 500.  It put things in perspective...I'm too old for heavy boxes.  

Construction update:  Here is a picture of the new wing of my school.  The halls are taking shape.  When my district does things, we do them right.  The picture says it all.  Safety is of upmost importance.  

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