What principals do in the summer to help teachers in August?

If you ever wonder what principals do in the summer, wonder no more.  Here are a few pictures of how I get school ready.  I know I'm on schedule but knowing that it is July and school starts in August freaks me out a little.  Well, who am I kidding...I'm a bit overwhelmed by my long to-do list.

 Every year someone asks me what do I do during the summer.  My answer, "everything."  If I plan well in the summer, the school runs great all year long.
My summer to do list:
Staff Development
Student placement
Hire new teachers
Campus Improvement Plans
Back to School Newsletters
and so much more.

Staff development for August is probably the most time consuming on the list.  I receive training in the summer and then turn around and train my staff in August.  This takes time to create presentations and learn the content myself.  

Now it's your turn.  What do you do in July to get ready for back to school?

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