Creating a Joyful Staff

I am beyond blessed with a wonderful group of people I work beside each day.  Yes, I said "beside." I work right beside them each day.  I maybe the leader of the campus but I share in the workload each day.   My entire campus is amazing.  It is such a blessing to go to a place you enjoy being for 8-10 hours a day.  I have my staff to thank for that.  Throughout the year I will share pictures of my wonderful teachers and staff.  Here are just a few from a team building class last night.

Each year, I try and create a back to school time for me to spend with my leadership team.  The leadership team consists of 8 teachers who are a tremendous asset to the campus...just ask any teacher on their team.  These ladies take on the responsibility of planning every lesson for the grade level or subject area they are assigned.  They know the standards up and down.  They do not have any trouble making a decision for what's best for the students and campus.

Once school gets started, we are rocking and rolling and rarely have extended amounts of quality time for bonding.  So right before school gets started we get together for our annual team building night.  Last night, we did a cooking class.

We had so much fun.  We made lasagna roll-ups, parmesan knots and zucchini ribbon salad.  For dessert, we were served chocolate pot de creme.

Did you know that joyful work places create higher performance levels.  Everyone works together and everyone has a say.  When employees bond together, we form a family connection and build trust with each other.  The best moments at work are not the times when we celebrate our test scores or when the football team wins the game (although those are great) but the everyday things like laughing and sharing together.

I hope you all have a wonderful school year.  Take time to build up your staff.  Celebrate and cherish the time you have each day with them.  No one on your campus is insignificant.  We all have very important roles and it takes every single person to build a successful campus.

To the entire campus at Pittsburg Elementary School...You are so loved.  I can't wait to get started on a new school year.

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