No More Messy Desks- Classroom Organization Tool Kit

Having an organized classroom is a must.  As adults, every day more and more information is being thrown at us.  This includes emails, reports, papers to grade, papers to file, progress reports, student data, etc... These may begin to pile up on our desk if we don't deal with it right away.  This will result in us spending too much time on things that are urgent rather than those that are important.

For students, having a messy desk can lead to academics problems.  Students who often forget homework, have messy desks and cannot keep track of their materials and do not have time management skills.  Teachers can help these students by having them follow a routine and provide them with strategies that will keep them organized.

A disorganized student will not take the time to clean out their desk.  Each week set aside time in your class so students can complete this task.  Make it fun.  Have a desk fairy visit the room.

The desk fairy visits the class and checks the desks and awards a student the Clean Desk Award and a small treat.  The teacher encourages a clean desk by leaving a simple reminder note:  "There's a mess in your desk.  Clean it up before the desk fairy comes."

The packet includes posters to display in the classroom.  When students see the poster, it is time to clean.

How does this sound? No more pieces of trash pushed inside the desk.  No more pieces of broken pencils and crayons scattered.  If you want some help with keeping students organized, try the Desk Fairy Tool Kit.

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