Elapsed Time: How Time Flies

Students struggle with elapsed time.  It can be difficult for some students.  Just telling time can be a challenge for students.  As soon as we think they can do it we throw them a curve and tell them to determine how much time elapsed.  Teaching students about elapsed time can be practiced, reinforced and mastered.  My How Time Flies packet can get you started on this difficult skill.

for grades 2-5
Elapsed time can be measured using clocks or a calendar.  I included three instructional posters for you to use in small groups, whole groups or for you to place in the centers as reference.
Also included are 24 task cards that vary in difficulty.  The task cards included clocks and problem solving with word problems.  

 I love this next piece.  I included a large elapsed time number line for teachers to laminate and use during instruction.  Place it in the station/center and let the students use it to complete the task cards.

Students record their answers on the student recording sheet.  Answer key provided to help make this an easy process.
I hope you find this new packet helpful.  If you download it for your classroom, please leave feedback.  I love hearing from you.  Download How Time Flies today!

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