Got Mugged

Yep, that's right.  A few teachers got mugged this week.  Mugged is a good thing.  It's a fun thing too.  Here's how it works.  I started the mugging and then that person mugs another person.  It's all in the name of fun.  Its a hug in a mug!  Check it out!

I purchased a few mugs and filled them with goodies.  I left them on the desk of a few teachers.  These teachers will enjoy their treats and then refill the mug before passing the mug along.  The mugging continues the month of September.  When a teacher/staff member has been mugged, they put the sign on the door saying they have been mugged.  This lets everyone know they have already received a gift.  It's a simple way to let someone know they were being thought about during the day.

Items I put in the mug:  packet of lemonade mix, candy, crackers, marker, snack bar and a bit of chocolate.  

If you want to start a hug in a mug, you can download the materials here.

If you want to start a mugging at your school by giving a Hug in a Mug, download the packet and get started today.  It's a great way to let others know you care.  There's nothing like walking in your room and finding a gift on your desk.  Share the love.

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