Main Idea Resources-Second Grade Level

On Friday, we had visitors on campus.  Another district called to come tour my campus and second grade classrooms.  It was a great day and I thought I would share a few pictures of our day.  Hope you enjoy seeing a glimpse inside my second grade classrooms.  The campus who visited us is a Kindergarten-Second grade neighboring school.  My campus is second grade-fourth grade.  We shared how lessons are planned, how intervention is scheduled and how we utilize data.

This last week second grade is working on main idea.  The teachers are working on modeling main idea strategies with the story for the week.  We use Texas Treasures as a curriculum resource.  Family Farm Then and Now was the story for the week.  The students and teachers created a main idea table on chart paper.
Small groups of students worked on main idea bags and completed a main idea graphic organizer.  The teacher modeled a main idea bag prior to completing this independently or placing the items in the stations.

Teaching main idea is definitely a Texas TEK but also a necessary part of reading comprehension.  You can find our campus wide strategy in our PLAYBOOK.  The Reading Strategies playbook is free and a work in progress.  The district visiting us left with a copy of our plan.  

What strategies do you use to teach main idea?  

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