Planting the Seed for College

It's never too early to talk to our students about college.  My campus is second-fourth grade and today was College Day.  We have college day once a month.   Each staff member picked a college and represented it by wearing a college t-shirt.  We hope to inspire a love of education with our students. Teachers took a few minutes today and talked to their classes about what they want to be when they grow up or where they want to go to college.  Here are a few pictures from today.

Our students need to know at an early age that college is in their future.  We are planting the seed this year that everyone can go to college.  We know that every student may not go off to college but we are providing them with a rigorous foundation of academics to prepare them for that road if they choose to go.

I'm representing Harvard this month and The University of Texas next month.  Below is a bulletin board we made.  We are Wild About College.  Each teacher wrote words of advice for the students to read and then put a picture of the college they attended.  It will stay up all year.  Looks great in the hall.

The activity for the students this month is signing a banner.  Just a simple signature by each student anticipating they will go to college.  
 Don't look too close at the bad duct tape job.  I guess I bought a cheap brand and it didn't hold.  When one color doesn't hold it, then add two layers of tape.

What do you do at your school for college readiness?

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