Reading Strategies that Work with Young Students

During the year I will share a glimpse inside classrooms on my campus.  Today I'm happy to share Reading Strategies inside Mrs. Yantis' second grade classroom.  Mrs. Yantis was using Rainbow Comprehension in small groups to teach students how to look for important information when reading. Keep in mind this is day 26 of school and we are wasting no time getting down to business. Let's take a look at how Rainbow Comprehension works...
 Rainbow Comprehension is designed for young students.  Students as young as kindergarten, first and second grade can be taught how to find answers using text evidence.  The questions in the packet are "right there" type questions.  This means students will  not have to infer to determine the answer.  We are building how to locate evidence in text and not necessarily inferencing skills.
The teacher reads the passage to the students and together they will locate the answers to the questions using color pencils.  This is color coding and referred to as Rainbow Comprehension.  Just print and go.  All you need to get started is the packet and 4 color pencils (blue, green yellow and red).

Take a look at The Fox passage found in Rainbow Comprehension.  The teacher read the passage to or with the students.  They previewed the passage and discussed prior knowledge of a fox.  The students looked back into the story finding the answers and color coded the sentence with the correct color.  

Students are even learning what a paragraph is in this passage.  They write the paragraph number by each question.  It just doesn't get any better as a principal when you see teachers use strategies with young students.  

The explicit teaching of reading strategies at an early age helps student to become increasingly skillful at interpreting, understanding and analyzing text.  As new strategies are introduced, they should be taught through modeling, guided practice and then move to working independently.  

Any instructional time left in the station rotation was spent looking at real life pictures of foxes on the iPad.  

If you would like to begin Rainbow Comprehension in your classroom, I have several themes to get you started.

or get the Bundle of 6 Themes

What do you do in your classrooms to help young students to become purposeful, active readers?  Would love feedback.

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