Teaching Addition and Subtraction using Open Number Lines

Teaching addition can be hard but teaching subtraction is even harder.  Just when you think your students get it..then comes two digit addition and subtraction.  Ready to pull your hair out at times?  Here is a way to practice those skills using task cards.

Math Task Cards can be used in a variety of ways.  Here are just a few ideas.  They can be used as "Early Finishers."  We all have those students who get through with their work first.  These task cards can help keep them busy and get more practice out of adding and subtracting.  Task cards can be used as small group instruction, learning centers/stations or during tutoring.  The possibilities are endless.

Have you heard of open number lines?  I haven't until this last school year.  It's the new buzz word for a number line with no numbers or marks.  The number line is a fantastic way for students to record different strategies for addition and subtraction.  If your students need practice, here is a wonderful new set of task cards.

There are 104 task cards:
2 digit + 1 digit
2 digit + 2 digit
2 digit - 1 digit
2 digit - 2 digit

Recording sheets

Instructional Posters


Practice Mats!  

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