Who wants to WIN?

Happy Tuesday.  I hope everyone is enjoying the Fall weather.  Just wanted you to see the final copy of these new items I made for some teachers.  

I have 30 Interactive Engagement Activities placed on a metal ring.  Just flip through the activity you want to use in your classroom.  The student response cards are included.  Another principal from another state asked me if I would help her with student engagement.  I said...Absolutely.  So this is how this packet was born.  Do you need help with ideas for student engagement?  If so, get a copy of this set today.

How Time Flies: Elapsed Time was created just for fun to help my students on campus.  I tweaked it this afternoon and the final copy is ready for grabs.  This set includes task cards, a time number line, instructional posters and student recording sheet.

How about a chance to get a copy of these for free?  Just let me know which one you want and I will pick a winner by tomorrow.  

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