Wordless Wednesday

 It's wordless Wednesday with Miss Decarbo! Miss DeCarbo is Christina from Sugar and Spice.  I love this girl.  She is a fabulous teacher and has such great ideas.  
Before you panic, I was not arrested!  I make home visits often.  This is a picture of me in the back seat of the police car.  I don't normally ride in the back seat-I make my assistant ride there.  (Laughing out Loud)  We always take our officer with us not necessarily because we need law enforcement but because she knows all the roads to take.  Our district has its own police department and chief of police.  Every campus has an officer.  My superintendent is a big advocate for student safety and works hard to take care of the staff and students. 
We probably make at least one or two home visits a week for various reasons.  They are highly effective in getting results.  
Question: Do you make home visits?

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