How to Build a Love of Reading at your School

At the end of each grading period, I celebrate a love of reading with Pizza with the Principal.  The first grading period is usually a little low because it is not easy earning this reward.  To get Pizza with the Principal a student must read an entire series of books.  For example, the series of I Survived, Percy Jackson's novels, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and so many more.  I had 11 students meet the challenge the first nine weeks.  For the younger students, the entire series of Clifford, The Black Lagoon series, etc... are perfect.

The next grading period I will have to move my Pizza Party to the library because it will be filled with at least 50 students.  The students love this reward and get so excited.  If you are considering doing this, the students keep up with how many books and what series they want to read.   No extra work on the teacher required.  The teacher verifies the student did meet the goal and submits the name to the office.

Another way to get Pizza with the Principal is to read a million words.  Our Renaissance Reading program (A.R.) counts the words for us.  Therefore, no extra work on the teacher.  I had several students meet the million words last year and then went on to two million words.  

How do you build a love of reading at your school? 

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