Someone to Inspire Us

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be."  What if that "someone" was you?  
Every student may not be bound for college or university, but it is an option if they choose it.  This year we are setting a college bound culture.  We Are College Bound is a school wide theme we will work on throughout the year.  Teachers will talk to their students about the importance of college and options available to them after high school.  Teachers also share stories of their college days and where they went to college. 

Our college day activity for October was sponsored by our local community college.  They donated 6 t-shirts to be given away.  The entire campus staff wore college t-shirts.  A discussion of going to college should not begin in high school or after they graduate.  We Are College Bound is not just a motto of is a commitment as the staff does whatever it takes to be a successful school.  We are not officially a No Excuses University campus (see book by Damen Lopez).  However, I read the book and was inspired. 

Now...Back to what Emerson said, "someone to inspire us."  Can you be that person to someone you meet this week?  Be an inspiration despite obstacles that stand in your way.  The biggest obstacle to achieving success is not lack of opportunity, but knowing what opportunities exist. 

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