Higher Level Thinking Questions

Higher Order Thinking  (HOT) Questions are essential to getting higher levels of rigor in your classroom.  Our teacher manuals often just do not cut it when it comes to higher levels of thinking. HOTS provides you with ways to push readers to think more critically while they are reading.  
 Have students think outside the box and really apply higher leveled thinking skills to comprehend the text.  These Higher Order Thinking Questions are great for all levels of readers and learners in your classroom.  They are leveled for you.

The fingers at the end of the question strip tells the teacher this is a LEVEL 3 application question.
How to use these question stems:

  1. Laminate question stems and place on a metal ring.
  2. When teaching whole group, small group, tutoring, intervention, etc..., pull out your HOT ring and ask appropriate questions for the students you are teaching.
  3. These questions are written for the teacher and not necessarily for the student to pick up and read and think on their own.  It is all about teacher providing and pushing the student to think.  

There are 88 questions provided and blank question strips for you to add your own if needed.
If this doesn't make your life easier, I'm not sure what will.  Just try it.  I have had wonderful feedback on these from teachers who are using them in the classroom.  

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