Place Value Neighborhood Freebie

Research has shown that place value remains one of the most difficult standards in third and fourth grade, in spite that it repeatedly taught in every primary grade.  Why is that?  

If students have a weak understanding of place value, a critical concept for all other math concepts, they will have a difficult time understanding decimals, numeracy and many other concepts.  Students find place value difficult and struggle with it because they do not have a deep conceptual understanding of the base 10 number system.

With that being said, I created this Place Value Neighborhood bulletin board set.  This is a freebie to get you started teaching place value in your classroom.  Since place value is a tough concept, you will need a lot of resources at your disposal.  
Place Value Desk Strips
Laminate before using and allow students to use dry erase markers.

To assemble the bulletin board:  Print the neighborhood posters and place the students that live in that neighborhood under the poster.  The desk strip has the same design as the wall display.
What is place value?  Place value is the notion that where a digit sits in a number says something about its value.  Location is everything!  How can we help our students understand place value and that in the number 24 the 2 represents 20 and in the number 247 the 2 represents 200?  Models, Models, and Models.  Use concrete items such as base ten blocks and other manipulatives.  Young students need concrete objects to understand place value.  It is not just is essential to learning.

I hope you find this Place Value Neighborhood freebie helpful to you and your students.  What resources do you use to teach place value?  

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