Writing Anchor Posters- I'm in Love!

I have been spending some time working on updating my writing posters.  This set comes with 25 colorful writing anchor posters.  You can display them in your classroom on a bulletin board or a few at a time while introducing them.  

You will receive figurative language posters that cover onomatopoeia, metaphor, alliteration, personification, and simile.
Each poster includes the definition and example of the figure language.

You will also have the traits of writing posters.  The trait posters are colorful and kid-friendly.  Each poster is visually attractive for the classroom.

Also included are some basic writing reminders for students to help guide them during writing.

Writing is a multifaceted task that involves the use of many higher level skills.  Due to its complexities, many students find writing challenging and many teachers struggle to find methods to effectively teach writing.

  Writing strategies must be explicitly taught and modeled.  With any core subject area, teachers should model the strategy, provide assistance as students practice the strategy on their own, and allow for independent practice with the strategy once they learned it.  Writing class should be no different from math or reading.  With any teaching strategy that a teacher chooses to do, students need amble time to write.  Writing cannot be a subject that is short-changed or pushed aside over any other core subject.  The better students write...the better students can read.  They go hand in hand.

I hope you find these anchor posters helpful to you and your writing class.

Download Now- Let's Write-25 Posters for Writing Instruction

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