Christmas gifts for my team

There is a wonderful group of ladies who I have the pleasure to work with each day.  I have a leadership team on my campus.  The team is made up of a reading, writing and math teacher from each grade level.  These teachers work right along side of me.  They plan lessons.  They run meetings.  They oversee everything in their grade level.  With that being said, I try to always let them know how wonderful they are.   Here is a gift or two that I made for them this weekend.

First gift:  Cookie Dough (Sugar Cookie with Peppermint Crunch)

Second Gift:  Holiday paper products from Hobby Lobby.
"My Christmas wish to you...Less Dishes to Do!

Here are a few pictures of my leadership team from August.  In August, we got together for a cooking class.  I snapped a few pictures that night.  They are such a fun bunch to be around. 

Have a wonderful Christmas! 

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